ZAK Stainless Steel Expo


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Stainless steel prime and raw materials; Plant and equipment for processing prime and raw materials

  • Prime and raw materials - Nickel, Chrome, Molybdenum, scraps of stainless steel
  • Plant and equipment for processing prime and raw materials - packaging machine, slicing machine, briquetting machine, and so on

Stainless steel production
  • Technology and equipment for stainless steel production
    • steel-making, foundry, rolling, annealing, surface processing and skin pass rolling of stainless steel
    • automatic control in production process, inspection technology and instrument
    • auxiliary equipment and spare parts of stainless steel production
  • Stainless steel products and auxiliary materials
    • various kinds of plates, sheets, tubes, pipes, wires, threads, rods and other long products of stainless steel
    • various kinds of packaging materials of stainless steel

Downstream processing for stainless steel

  • Downstream processing technology and equipment for stainless steel
    • Cut-to-length, drilling and pressing, surface processing ( coating, polishing, embossing) and wielding
    • Various kinds of Mold steel
  • Stainless steel products
    • Various kinds of stainless steel products (application in architectural industry, decoration industry, food industry, chemical industry, light industry, electronics industry and so on.

Professional magazine, publication and other medias

Specialized Location - Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes

  • Stainless steel tube manufacturing machinery
  • Stainless steel tubes & tube accessories     
    • Stainless steel tubes and structural tubes used in sectors of petrochemicals,water supply, power, shipbuilding, electronics and auto industries      
    • Fittings, connecting pieces, valves, flanges, and seals
  • Pipeline engineering machines & welding equipment
  • Pipeline cleaning equipment and related materials
  • Stainless steel pipe testing and inspection equipment

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