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Higher education studies Conferences address key issues, innovations, advancements and best practices in the higher education studies field, covering a broad spectrum of higher education studies topics and driving improvements in teaching and learning practices....

Higher education studies Conferences bring together education professionals, educators, administrators, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders interested in higher education studies topics.

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Learning . Life . Work

10-12 Jun 2024
San Francisco, CA, United States

Thirty-first International Conference on Learning

10-12 Jul 2024
Utrecht, Netherlands

The Learning Ideas Conference 2024

12-14 Jun 2024
New York City, NY, United States

Education Experts Conference - Iraq

09 Oct 2024
Baghdad, Iraq

Education Investment MENA by EdEx Mena

13-14 Nov 2024
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

World Congress on Special Needs Education (WCSNE)

04-06 Nov 2024
Oxford, United Kingdom

GAUDEAMUS Prague 2025

Jan 2025
Prague, Czech Republic

NERCOMP Annual Conference 2025

Mar 2025
Providence, RI, United States

12th Annual STEM Education Conference

Jul 2025
Sydney, Australia

Azubi & Studientage Kassel 2025

Sep 2025
Kassel, Germany

Azubi & Studientage Wiesbaden 2025

Mar 2025
Wiesbaden, Germany

33rd Annual Model Schools Conference 2025

Jun 2025
Orlando, FL, United States

Education Show @ Bett

London, United Kingdom

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