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Quantum engineering Conferences are dedicated to quantum engineering advancements, breakthroughs and research findings, advancing scientific knowledge, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, and shaping the future of research and innovation....

Quantum engineering Conferences are intended for scientists, researchers, academics, policymakers, industry professionals, scholars or students involved or interested in quantum engineering topics.

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Global Summit on Quantum, Atomic and Molecular Physics

14-16 Nov 2024
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Carbon Chemistry World Conference (CCWC 2024)

17-19 Aug 2024
Barcelona, Spain

4th Global Summit on Nanotechnology and Nanoscience

30-31 May 2024
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Physics and Mathematics Conference 2024

24-25 Oct 2024
Paris, France

International Conference on Space Science and Technology

20-21 Nov 2024
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Photon 2024

03-06 Sep 2024
Swansea, United Kingdom

Quantum Effects

Oct 2025
Stuttgart, Germany

QT - Quantum.Tech

United States

AutoTech: Detroit

Jun 2025
Novi, MI, United States

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