20th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance (ECMLG)

  • 2024


The 20th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance (ECMLG) covers topics such as:

  • Core competencies for employees, especially graduates in relation to occupation, gender and industry
  • Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies
  • Professional development against the background of the economic situation in the local market and the world
  • Interferences of communication in institutions, enterprises and social organizations
  • The role of leadership and entrepreneurship during times of economic crisis
  • The relationship between innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship
  • The relationship between leadership and Enterprise Systems (ES)
  • Leadership challenges faced by the 21st century entrepreneurs
  • IT Leadership
  • Gender and Leadership
  • Management and bureaucracy
  • Work-Life balance
  • The role of the board of directors and the strategic dimension of ES
  • Public Service leadership
  • Disclosure, transparency and the use of ES
  • The power and influence of management versus leadership
  • Business finance
  • Asymmetry of information and the exploitation of ES
  • Leadership for sustainability
  • E-Business integration
  • Boards and Decisions Making
  • From the CIO to the CKO and/or CTO roles in the organization
  • Corporate governance in different countries
  • Sales-Marketing balance
  • Development in corporate governance codes
  • Marketing
  • Corporate governance and firm value for IPOs
  • Leadership and operations management
  • Legal aspects of corporate governance
  • Project management
  • Business transformation
  • Corporate performance
  • Differences between leadership and management
  • Leadership and management styles
  • HR management and strategies
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Education and human development in management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Marketing in management
  • Organisation culture
  • Finance systems and their influence on companies strategies
  • Legal regulations and their influence on changes of companies strategies
  • Analysis of market centres management
  • Foundations of creating, modifying and changing strategies of companies development
  • Regional experiences in management
  • Corporate governance development and responsibility
  • International relationships in management
  • Regional policy versus companies development
  • Logistics systems in management
  • Information and communications systems in management
  • Change management
  • Timetabling in management
  • Competitions in marketing
  • Social communications in management
  • Social Capital
  • Market oriented corporate governance
  • Developing strategic leadership capabilities
  • The nature of IS governance
  • Interfacing IS governance with corporate governance
  • Sustainable IS leadership
  • Types of IS leadership and governance
  • Corporate politics in and around the IS function
  • The relationship between the CIO and the CEO
  • Critical success factors for a CIO
  • Measuring the performance of the CIO
  • Creating sustainable IS leadership
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Career development for IS leadership
  • Sustaining leadership in the changing world of IS
  • Bridging the stove pipe mind-set
  • IS technological leadership
  • Impact of non-IS executives on IT effectiveness
  • How the intensity of IS usage effects the CIO role
  • External market pressures on the CIO
  • Best practices in IS technological leadership
  • Justifying IT Investments at Boardroom level
  • Outsourcing the CIO
  • Effect of the board of directors and shareholders on IT policy
  • Corporate Governance practices and the role of chief Information Office
  • Influence of mergers and acquisitions on IT
  • Ethics in the workplace, loyalty and new values in marketing
  • Ethical dilemmas and IS
  • Are main stream leadership styles prerequisites of entrepreneurial behaviour?
  • Can parallels be drawn between the leadership and entrepreneurship fields?
  • Can the life cycle stages of leadership be extrapolated to the entrepreneurship construct or domain?
  • Can leadership enhance entrepreneurial activity during times of financial turbulence?
  • Can we integrate leadership and entrepreneurship studies?
  • What are the leadership challenges faced by the 21st century entrepreneurs?
  • Science and technology, innovation, industrial policy and creation of business versus strategies of company development
  • Knowledge management, competitions and motivation systems versus companies development
  • The conflicts occurring in enterprises, institutions and social organizations – and their solutions

The 20th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance (ECMLG) might be held in 2024.

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