Fasttec - The 20th International Trade Exhibition of fasteners

  • 25-27 Oct 2022
  • Crocus-Expo, Moscow, Russian Federation


Fasttec - The 20th International Trade Exhibition of fasteners presents products and services in categories such as:

  • Construction Fixings
    mechanical, concrete anchors, light duty anchors and fixings, chemical anchors and resins, façade and insulation fixings, concrete screws, wall plugs, interior fixings, wood/chipboard/decking screws, drywall fixings and systems, sanitary and plumbing fixings, window screws/frame anchors, pins and staples, nails, self-drilling/tapping screws, structural steel fasteners, stainless steel fixings, security fasteners for buildings, roofing and solar installation fixings, threaded rods and suspension fixings, brackets and connectors, hardware/DIY prepacks and assortments, other construction fasteners and fixings
  • Industrial fasteners and fixings
    self-tapping/thread forming screws, screws, socket head products, bolts, studs and threaded rod, nuts, blind fasteners (rivets, washers and pressed parts, cage nuts), rivet nuts, pins and key, locking devices and seals, clamps and rings, springs, stainless steel fasteners, hot/cold forged fasteners and parts, titanium, non-ferrous fasteners (brass, copper), aluminum, fastener assemblies and combinations, plastic and nylon fasteners, collated industrial fasteners, self-piercing/clinching fastener systems, knobs/handles/finger turn fasteners, security industrial fasteners, hook or eye products, U-bolts, nails, non-metric fasteners, special/to drawing fasteners, staples and brads, adhesives and tapes, turned/machined parts, other industrial fasteners and fixings
  • Distribution, Storage and factory equipment
  • Assembly and Installation systems
    feeding/discharging equipment, automated fastener/assembly systems, riveting tools, presses and insertion tools/equipment, drivers and screw insertion systems, equipment and systems, bonding and adhesive systems, welding/soldering equipment, hand tools, assembly jigs and rigs, nailing/stapling tools and systems, clinching/self-piercing systems, power tools, collated fastener systems, other assembly tools and equipment
  • Communication and services, Information, technical/business consultants, research/development, associations, training and education and publishers

Fasttec - The 20th International Trade Exhibition of fasteners will be held in Moscow on 25-27 October 2022.


  • Crocus-Expo , Moscow Ring Road, Krasnogorsk, Moscow, Russian Federation

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Industry: Construction & Building
Technology: Industrial technology

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