ICHTE 2022: 16th International Conference on Heat and Thermal Energy

  • 22-23 Sep 2022
  • London, United Kingdom(Hybrid)


ICHTE 2022: 16th International Conference on Heat and Thermal Energy covers topics such as:

  • Heat Pump Systems and Cooling Systems
  • Technology and Systems
  • Development and Technology Integration
  • Advances in Equipment Design
  • Hybrid Systems and Controls
  • Advanced Electrically and Thermally Operated Systems
  • Heat Pumping Technologies for Heating and Cooling of Low Energy Houses
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Systems and Controls
  • Heat Transfer in Energy Systems
  • Systems for District Heating and Cooling
  • Geothermal Energy Projects
  • Thermophysical Properties
  • Synergistic Power Designs in Oil/Gas Field Settings
  • Waste Heat to Power Projects
  • Improved Fracturing Techniques
  • Advancements in Power Generation Technology and Drilling
  • Quality Assurance and Support Measures for Heat Energy and Cooling Program
  • Theory and Fundamental Research in Heat Transfer
  • District Energy and Refrigeration
  • Applications Energy efficiency and environmental advantages
  • Air Conditioning for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Heat Pumps for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Heat Transfer Enhancement for Practical Applications
  • Refrigeration Equipment and Systems for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Heat Energy and Cooling Program in Urban Planning
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Fire and Combustion
  • Aerospace Heat Transfer
  • Renovation of Non-Residential Buildings
  • Gas Turbine Heat Transfer
  • Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems
  • Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment
  • Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing and Manufacturing
  • Heat and Mass Transfer under Extreme Conditions
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Biotechnology
  • Computational Heat Transfer
  • Environmental Heat Transfer
  • Metering, AMR & Data Management
  • Visualization of Heat Transfer
  • Electronic Meter Components/Parts, Semiconductors
  • Various Types of Heat Meters
  • AMR & AMI System Solutions
  • Smart Heat Metering Technologies
  • Handheld Meter Reading Equipments
  • Communication Modules and Infrastructure
  • Data Management Technologies
  • Meter Test and Inspection Equipment
  • Meter Warehouse Logistic Management Systems
  • Meter Asset Management System
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Energy Efficiency and Saving Management
  • Methods for Material Testing and Characterization
  • New and Enhanced Materials for Thermal Energy Storage
  • Micro- and Macro-encapsulation Methods
  • Prediction of Material Behavior
  • Multi-scale Modeling and Numerical Simulation
  • Heat Transfer Enhancement
  • Thermal Energy Storage in Renewable Energy Systems
  • Experimental Validation of Numerical Models
  • Novel Storage Concepts
  • Thermal Energy Storage in Buildings
  • Technology Trends
  • Research and Development
  • Resource Assessment and Forecasting
  • New Developments in Heat Pumping Technologies
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in the Micro- and Nano-Scales
  • Heat Transfer Education and Future Directions in Heat Transfer
  • Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Future: Knowledge Development and Transfer
  • Polymeric Materials for Thermal Applications
  • Energy Prices and Household Behavior
  • Biofuels and Co-products Sustainability
  • Opportunities to transform the current crisis toward sustainable knowledge society
  • Technological possibilities and opportunities for a sustainable resolution of the crisis
  • Smart Green Cities
  • Energy System Analysis and Smart Energy Systems

ICHTE 2022: 16th International Conference on Heat and Thermal Energy will be held in London as well as online on 22-23 September 2022.


  • London, United Kingdom

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250-500 Euro (Estimated)
WASET - World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

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Science: Physics

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