Eighth International Conference on Advances in Signal, Image and Video Processing (SIGNAL 2023)

  • May 2023


The Eighth International Conference on Advances in Signal, Image and Video Processing (SIGNAL 2023) covers topics such as:

  • Signal processing theory and methods
    Signal and information processing on graphs, Embedded signal processing, Digital and multirate signal processing, Audio and acoustic signal processing, Multi-camera imaging, Image and video processing, Multimedia signal processing, Speech and language processing, Statistical signal processing, Signal processing for communications, Machine learning, feature detections, bio-inspired techniques, Sensor array and multi-channel signal processing, Social learning models, Bayesian signal processing, Pattern recognition, Biometric analysis, forensic analysis watermarking and security, Cognitive information processing, Implementation of signal, image and video processing systems, Processing signal, image and video collections
  • Architectures and frameworks
    Hardware and software for signal, image and video processing, Signal processing architectures, Compressive sensing (sparse sampling), Biosignal acquisition, transmission, processing, and analysis, High speed video acquisition, architecture and processing, Deep learning (graphical inference algorithms), Distributed Iinformation processing, transmission and storage over networks, Real-time signal architectures for image and video processing, Big Iimage processing and analytics in multimedia tools and applications, High speed signal processing and architectures
  • Signal/image metrics
    Visual aesthetic, Aesthetic quality assessment, Blind noise assessment, Image quality assessment, Automatic segmentation, Perceptual evaluation, Perceptual transparency, Perceptual video compression, Ultrasound image segmentation, Energy-based segmentation, Processing demosaiced images, Photon-limited imaging, Image colorization, Image restauration, Image deconvolution, Image denoising, Semantic segmentation, Random sampling, Dense image arrays, Sparse imaging, Depth upsampling, Distortion visibility, Image inpainting, Infrared, multispectral and hyperspectral imaging, Image Stitching and Patch matching
  • High speed signal processing: integrating 5G and IoT with satellite networks
    Very high speed camera, mmWave communications, 6G - integrating 5G with satellite networks, High speed flying sensors, Satellite-to-satellite communications, Ultra-fast access signal processing, Point-to-point wireless communication networks, Sea-to-space communications, High speed optical broadcasting fibers lines, Super-fast broadband signals, Ultra fast access of Internet, High data rates, Smart homes and cities, Full home automation and home applications, Space and defense 6G-oriented technologies, Global energy sources, Monitoring/driving natural calamities, Integrated satellite-to-satellite communications, Nano antennas, Sea-to-Space communications, Space roaming, Point-to-point wireless communication networks, Space observation (backhaul link), Earth observation (backhaul link), Space-IoT (monitoring sensors), Small cells (cover zones without Internet), Standard adaptation to 6G for handoff and roaming challenges (GPS, Galileo, COMPASS and GLONASS)
  • Image/signal computation and services
    Biological imaging, Computational imaging, Computational photography, Visual saliency, 3D Data analysis, Perceptual metrics, Video retrieval, Visual content analysis, Healthcare exercising signals, Videoconfences, Measuring seismic images, 3D Virtual views, Aerial images, Landmark detection, Object tracking, Motion recognition, Satellite images, Crowd scenes, Adaptive quantization, Visual media compression, Scene analysis, SDN for videos, Anomaly detection, Scene recognition, Detecting urban roads, High quality streaming media, Lenses, Action recognition, Curvature detection, Plenoptic cameras, Normalized cuts and geodesics
  • Features and models for images/signals
    Adaptive smoothing, 3D Quality assessment models, Probabilistic illumination models, Background subtraction, Efficient video saliency, Cumulative orientation features, Edge-aware filters, Deep convolutional networks, Temporal predictions, Prediction inaccuracy modeling, Video authentication, Interactive multiview videos, Image mosaicking, Multi-modal images, Low-contrast images, Image fusion, Omnidirectional imaging, Adaptive pixel transfer, Unsupervised segmentation, Superpixels and adaptive superpixels, Morphological profiles and Edge detection
  • Hands-free speech communication and microphone arrays
    Acoustic event detection, Acoustic scene analysis, Echo cancellation, Dereverberation, Hearing aids, Noise suppression, Source localization and separation, Microphone array technology and architectures, Speech acquisition, Spatial audio for immersive environments, Speech and audio quality assessment, Speech and speaker recognition technology, Privacy of speech communications and etc
  • Special signal, image and video processing applications/domains
    Cyber-physical systems, Big data collection, retrieval, analysis, Monitoring and control systems, Energy and smart Grid, Sensors and Body networks, Wireless and Internet of Things, Transportation systems, Healthcare and citizen wellbeing, Cognitive radio networks, 5G communications Networks and mm-Wave Systems, Social networks and finance applications, etc and Cyber-physical security
  • Wearable sensor signal processing
    Physiological parameter monitoring, Signal pre-processing algorithms, Feature extraction and classification, Noise reduction, Real-time processing of sensor signals, Off-line bio-signal processing, Static and dynamic calibration, Bio-mechanical feedback for diagnosis and rehabilitation, Time-efficient and power-efficient algorithms for big data, Signal processing to improve sensor precision and accuracy, Body-area sensor networks: real-time communication and synchronization, Sensor data fusion and integration, Motion/Gait tracking, recognition, and analysis, Gesture and movement pattern recognition, Wearable prototypes in human-centric experiments, etc, Motion segmentation and evaluation

The Eighth International Conference on Advances in Signal, Image and Video Processing (SIGNAL 2023) might be held in May 2023.

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IARIA - International Academy Research and Industry Association
Abstract submission deadline: 10 Feb 2022

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