13th International Conference on Applied Physics and Mathematics (ICAPM 2023)

  • 24-26 Feb 2023
  • Singapore


The 13th International Conference on Applied Physics and Mathematics (ICAPM 2023) covers topics such as:

  • Applications of Microscopy in the Physical Sciences
  • Advances in Instrumentation and Techniques
  • Applied Non-linear Physics
  • Applied Materials Science & Engineering
  • Applied Solid State Physics/Chemistry and Materials Science and Technology Advanced Materials
  • Applied Optics, Non-linear optics, Laser Physics, Ultrafast phenomena, Lasers application to Medicine, Chemistry
  • Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics
  • Astrophysics and Plasma Physics
  • Biomedical Engineering, Medical/Biological Physics, Health Physics, Biomechanics
  • Biomaterials Science and Biomedical Engineering
  • Complex systems
  • Biophysics, Bio (electro) magnetism, Biophysical Chemistry
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Computational Physics, Non-linear Physics
  • Engineering and Industrial Physics, Instrumentation, Metrology and Standards
  • Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science
  • Imaging Techniques, Microscopy
  • Environmental Physics
  • Medical Physics
  • Large-code development
  • Nanoscale physics
  • Methodological advances
  • Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Nuclear Physics/Chemistry, Radioactivity, Radiochemistry, Radiation Safety
  • Non-equilibrium systems
  • Particle Physics
  • Nuclear Sciences and Engineering
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Petascale computing
  • Plasma physics
  • Physical Properties of Biological/Biomedical Systems through Microscopy
  • Optical Physics, Quantum Electronics and Photonics
  • Polymers
  • Quantum Monte Carlo
  • Quantum Physics
  • Radioactivity and Radiochemistry, Radiation Protection and Safety Issues
  • Radiation Physics, Radiation Chemistry, Radiation Processing, Radiation-Matter interaction, Spectroscopies
  • Soft and granular matter
  • Semiconductors devices and Photonics, Opto-electronics, Quantum Electronics
  • Surfaces, Interfaces and Colloids
  • Solid State Physics
  • Applied partial differential equations
  • Applied Mathematics and Engineering: Modeling, Analysis and Computation
  • Scientific computation
  • Numerical analysis and methods
  • Mathematical modeling in materials science and biology
  • Mathematical methods in optics and electromagnetics
  • Homogenisation and multiscale analysis
  • Nonlinear problems in mechanics
  • Algebra and its application
  • Inverse problems
  • Engineering applications and scientific computations
  • Differential equations, dynamical systems and their applications
  • Fuzzy mathematics and its applications
  • Financial and actuary mathematics
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Geometry and its application
  • Statistical methods in technical and economic sciences and practice

The 13th International Conference on Applied Physics and Mathematics (ICAPM 2023) will be held in Singapore on 24-26 February 2023.

More Details

200-600 US Dollar (Estimated)
No exhibition
SCIence and Engineering Institute (SCIEI)
Abstract submission deadline: 20 Sep 2022

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