International Conference on Building Science, Technology And Sustainability (ICBSTS 2023)

  • 09-10 Nov 2023
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates(Hybrid)


The International Conference on Building Science, Technology And Sustainability (ICBSTS 2023) covers topics such as:

  • Intelligent Building System
  • Intelligent Building Facility Management
  • Advanced Energy Conversion Systems
  • Advanced HVAC Systems
  • Architectural Acoustics and Audio Systems
  • Application of Air Pollution Modeling and Control
  • Energy Management in Buildings
  • Computational Methods in Building Environment Design
  • Indoor Air Quality Technology and Management
  • Facilities and Quality Management
  • Occupational Safety and Health Issues in Buildings
  • Materials in Built Environment
  • Vibrations and Mechanical Signature Analysis
  • Risk Management and Decision-Making in Intelligent Building
  • Intelligent Building Automation and Control Systems
  • Electrical Facilities in Intelligent Buildings
  • Casting, Sustainability in Civil Engineering
  • FFinancial Assessment of Intelligent Building Systems
  • Sustainability in Environmental Engineering
  • Sustainability in Material Engineering
  • Sustainability in Energy Systems Engineering
  • Sustainability in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Sustainable Building Management
  • Sustainable Building Design Technologies/Approaches
  • Green Building Certification Systems
  • Energy Efficient Building Design
  • Building Information Systems
  • Building Performance Simulation/Assessment
  • Environmental Product Declarations
  • Life Cycle Assessment Methodology
  • Sustainable Building Material Technologies/Approaches
  • Climate Declarations
  • Recyclable/Reusable Building Materials
  • Local/Natural Building Materials
  • Durability of Building Materials
  • Green/Ecological Building Materials
  • Nanotechnology Materials
  • Waste Materials
  • Concretes/Mortars/Plasters/Adhesives
  • Cementitious/Composite/Insulation Materials
  • Sustainability in Mechanical Engineering
  • Wood/Steel/PVC/Polyester
  • Urbanization and Environmental Problems
  • Sustainable Industrial Product Design
  • Sustainable Urban/Rural Planning
  • Sustainable Urban Transformation
  • Sustainable Facility Management
  • Sustainable Real Estate Development and Management
  • Sustainable Landscape Planning
  • Smart/Eco Cities
  • Conservation and Rehabilitation of Historical Sites and Buildings
  • Conservation and Rehabilitation of Urban Areas
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Management of Historical Environment
  • Environmental Pollution Control and Auditing
  • Environment and Human Health
  • Environmental Sciences and Technologies
  • Microclimate Control and Auditing
  • Environmental Economy
  • Environmental Information Systems
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Training
  • Environmental Aspect in International Relations
  • Environmental Law
  • Waste Management
  • Environment and Local Authorities

The International Conference on Building Science, Technology And Sustainability (ICBSTS 2023) will be held in Dubai as well as online on 09-10 November 2023.


  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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25-150 Euro (Estimated)
Early registration date: 20 Oct 2023
No exhibition
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Abstract submission deadline: 15 Oct 2023

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Government & Global Issues: Environment
Industry: Construction & Building
Science: Environmental sciences
Services: Architecture & Interior design

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