5th International Conference on Green Energy and Environment Engineering (CGEEE 2022)

  • 28-30 Jul 2022
  • Jeju National University International Center, Korea (South)


The 5th International Conference on Green Energy and Environment Engineering (CGEEE 2022) covers topics such as:

  • Environmental System Science
    • Hydrology
    • Environmental dynamics
    • Physical oceanography
    • Meteorology
    • Atmospheric modelling and numerical prediction
    • Geophysics
    • Climate and climatic changes
    • Atmospheric physics
    • Indoor air pollution
    • Ozone layer depletion
    • Global environmental change and ecosystems management
    • Carbon capture and storage
    • Satellite applications in the environment
    • Global warming
    • Clean technologies
    • Integrated ecosystems management
    • Eco-technology
    • Disinfection and disinfection by- products
    • Emission sources
    • Effect of distribution systems on potable water quality
    • Environmental Science and Technology
    • Environmental restoration and ecological engineering
    • Fate of hazardous substances
    • Environmental systems approach
    • Health and the Environment
    • Hazardous substances and detection techniques
    • Modelling and decision support tools
    • Health related organisms
    • Process modelling
    • New Approaches in Lightings
    • Regulatory practice, water quality objectives standard setting, water quality classification
    • Quality guidelines, environmental regulation and monitoring
  • New Energy and Renewable Energy
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Studies for RESs and Applications
    • Energy Transformation from Renewable Energy System (RES) to Grid
    • Control technologies
    • Control Techniques for RESs
    • Performance Analysis of RESs
    • Grid Interactive Systems Used in Hybrid RESs
    • Novel Energy Conversion Studies for RESs
    • Power Devices and Driving Circuits for RESs
    • Decision Support Systems for RESSs
    • Computational Methods for RESSs
    • Policies and Strategies for RESSs
    • Hybrid RESSs
    • RESSs for Electrical Vehicles and Components
    • Reliability and Maintenance in RESSs
    • Smart grids and RESSs
    • Safety and Security of RESSs
    • Future Challenges and Directions for RESSs
    • New Trends and Technologies for RESSs
    • Renewable (Green) Energy Systems and Sources (RESSs) as Wind Power, Hydropower, Solar Energy, Biomass, Biofuel, Geothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal energy, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Energy Storage
    • Energy Savings for Vehicular Technology, Power Electronics, Electric Machinery and Control, etc
    • Renewable Energy Systems in Smart Cities
    • Renewable Energy Research and Applications for Industries
    • Resource management
    • Renewable sources of energy-energy savings
    • Sustainable cities
    • Deforestation
    • Recycling and reuse
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Economic instruments
    • Public Awareness and Education for Renewable Energy and Systems
    • Public participation
    • Institutional development
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
    • Soil decontamination
    • Sludge treatment and reuse
    • Storm-water management
    • Solid waste management
    • Waste minimization
    • Suspended and fixed film biological processes
    • Wastewater and sludge treatment
    • Waste valorization
    • Reuse of reclaimed waters
    • Water treatment and reclamation
    • Ground water remediation
    • Ground water management
    • Wetlands
    • Water resources and river basin management
    • Nutrients removal
    • Habitat reconstruction
    • Optimization of collection systems
    • On site and small scale systems
    • Landscape degradation and restoration
    • Interaction between pollutants
    • Legal, economic and managerial aspects of solid waste management
    • Leachate treatment
    • Management and regulation of point and diffuse pollution
    • Life cycle analysis
    • Management of water treatment residuals
    • Management of hazardous solid waste
    • Anaerobic treatment
    • Air pollution and control
    • Monitoring and analysis of environmental contaminant
    • Industrial wastewater treatment
    • Bio-engineering

The 5th International Conference on Green Energy and Environment Engineering (CGEEE 2022) will be held in Jeju on 28-30 July 2022.


  • Jeju National University International Center , 1, Arail-dong, Jeju, Korea (South)

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170-550 US Dollar (Estimated)
No exhibition
CBEES - Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society
Abstract submission deadline: 25 May 2022

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