7th International Conference on Image, Vision and Computing (ICIVC 2022)

  • 26-28 Jul 2022
  • Xi`an Yirong, Xian, China


The 7th International Conference on Image, Vision and Computing (ICIVC 2022) covers topics such as:

  • Computer Graphics and Photography 计算机图形学与摄影
    • Color and texture 颜色和质地
    • Super-resolution imaging 超分辨率成像
    • Rendering methods 渲染方式
    • Real-time rendering for VR VR的实时渲染
    • Simulation and virtual reality 仿真与虚拟现实
    • Shadows, translucency and visibility 阴影,半透明和可见性
    • Software tools for virtual reality 虚拟现实的软件工具
    • Software tools for computer graphics 计算机图形学的软件工具
    • Virtual Reality and 3-D Imaging 虚拟现实和3D成像
    • Virtual environments 虚拟环境
    • Visual computing and graphics 视觉计算和图形
    • Virtual reality, visualization, and education 虚拟现实,可视化和教育
    • Image geometry and multi-view geometry 图像几何和多视图几何
    • Image Formation 图像形成
    • Texture, Shape, and Color 纹理,形状和颜色
    • Image Scanning, Display, and Printing 图像扫描,显示和打印
    • Computational geometry 计算几何
    • Restoration, Super Resolution 恢复,超分辨率
    • Fractal geometry and applications 分形几何及其应用
    • Computer animation 电脑动画
    • Computational Imaging and Displays 计算成像与显示
    • Illumination and reflection techniques 照明和反射技术
  • Image processing basics and methods 图像处理基础及方法
    • Discrete Cosine Transforms 离散余弦变换
    • Adaptive Filters 自适应滤波器
    • Emotion recognition 情绪识别
    • Discrete Hilbert Transforms 离散希尔伯特变换
    • Fast Fourier Transforms 快速傅立叶变换
    • Face Recognition 人脸识别
    • Filter Design and Structures 过滤器设计与结构
    • Wavelet Transforms 小波变换
    • Gait recognition 步态识别
    • Fingerprint recognition 指纹识别
    • Iris recognition 虹膜识别
    • IIR Filters IIR滤波器
    • Pattern recognition and analysis 模式识别与分析
    • Palmprint recognition 掌纹识别
    • Object and Scene Recognition 对象和场景识别
    • Object recognition 物体识别
    • Biometrics 生物识别
    • Graphics algorithms and applications 图形算法和应用
    • Image segmentation 图像分割
    • Image feature extraction 图像特征提取
    • Motion Detection 运动检测
  • Image processing and multimedia technology 图像处理,多媒体技术
    • Medical image processing 医学图像处理
    • Extended reality 扩展现实
    • Sonar Image Processing 声纳图像处理
    • Radar Image Processing 雷达图像处理
    • Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence 多媒体与人工智能
    • Video Signal Processing 视频信号处理
    • Multimedia Interface and Interaction 多媒体界面与互动
    • Multimedia Applications 多媒体应用
    • Multimodal display systems 多模式显示系统
    • Multimedia Systems and Applications 多媒体系统与应用
    • Image coding and compression 图像编码和压缩
    • Image acquisition 图像采集
    • Human computer interaction 人机交互
    • Image processing 图像处理
    • Image authentication 图像身份验证
    • Image storage and leaks 图像存储与泄密
    • Image encryption technology 图像加密技术
  • Computer Vision and Image Computing 计算机视觉与图像计算
    • Content-based Image retrieval 基于内容的图像检索
    • 3-D and Surface Reconstruction 3-D和表面重建
    • Gaze tracking 视线追踪
    • Data visualization 数据可视化
    • Handwriting recognition 手写识别
    • Graphical user interfaces 图形用户界面
    • Head-up displays 平视显示器
    • Head-mounted displays 头戴式显示器
    • Watermarking 水印
    • Visualization 可视化
    • Machine learning technologies for vision 机器视觉技术
    • Machine architectures/engines for graphics and VR 图形和VR的机器架构/引擎
    • Modeling of natural scenes and phenomena 自然场景和现象的建模
    • Machine learning, Computer Graphics, Biological Vision 机器学习,计算机图形学,生物视觉
    • Rendering Techniques 渲染技术
    • Image and Video Matting 图像和视频抠图
    • Image and Video Retrieval 图像和视频检索
    • Modeling and Animation 建模与动画
    • Video analysis and processing 视频分析及处理

The 7th International Conference on Image, Vision and Computing (ICIVC 2022) will be held in Xian on 26-28 July 2022.


  • Xi`an Yirong , No. 331, Lianhu Road, Lianhu District, Xian, China

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International Conference on Image, Vision and Computing (ICIVC)
Abstract submission deadline: 15 Jun 2022

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