2nd International Conference on Materials Chemistry and Environmental Engineering (CONF-MCEE)

  • 22 May 2022
  • Online Event


The 2nd International Conference on Materials Chemistry and Environmental Engineering (CONF-MCEE) covers topics such as:

  • Chemical Science and Technology
    • Mass Transfer as Separation Processes
    • Modelling Simulation and Optimization
    • Polymer Science and Engineering
    • Physical and Organic Chemistry
    • Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
    • Transport Phenomena and IPC
    • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
    • Oil, Gas and Petroleum Refineries
    • Process Heat Transfer
    • Electrochemistry
    • Nano-Chemistry and Nanotechnology
  • Materials Science and Engineering
    • Advanced Materials Processing and 3D Printing
    • Advanced Nanomaterials and Graphene
    • Electric and Magnetic Materials
    • Emerging Materials
    • Material Thermodynamics
    • Glasses, Ceramics and Composites
    • Semiconductors and Super Conductors
    • Optic and Acoustic Materials
    • Biomaterials
    • Advanced Materials and Technologies
    • Functional Materials
    • Energy Materials
    • Metal and Alloy
    • Material Mechanics and Structure
    • Smart Materials and Structures
    • Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
    • Energy Technologies
    • Pollution Treatment Technology
    • Pollution Control
    • Geography
    • Waste Management
    • Sustainability Technology
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Atmospheric Science
    • Hydrology
    • Geophysics
    • Soil Science
    • Oceanography Physics


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Event Categories

Science: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental sciences
Technology: Materials

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