4th International Conference on Microbiology and Immunology

  • 11-12 Nov 2024
  • London, United Kingdom(Hybrid)


The 4th International Conference on Microbiology and Immunology covers topics such as:

  • Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases
  • Microbiology
  • Parasitology
  • Virology
  • Applied Microbiology and Beneficial Microbes
  • Mycology and Phycology
  • Food Microbiology
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Water and Marine Microbiology
  • Agricultural Microbiology
  • Veterinary Microbiology
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • Microbial Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
  • Microbial Pathogenesis and Virulence
  • Antimicrobial/ Antibiotic/ Antibacterial Stewardship
  • Microbial Techniques
  • Microbial Genomes and Physiology
  • Antimicrobial/ Antibiotic/ Antibacterial Resistance
  • Current and Future Trends in Microbiology
  • Microbial Immunology and Infection Control
  • Molecular and Structural Immunology
  • Clinical and Cellular Immunology
  • Cancer and Tumour Immunobiology
  • Immune Response to Viral Infection
  • Reproductive Immunology
  • Neuro Immunology
  • Nutritional Immunology
  • Paediatric Transplantation Immunology
  • Diagnostic Immunology
  • Lung Immunology
  • Microbial Parasitic Viral and Fungal Immunology
  • Veterinary Immunology
  • Rheumatology
  • Infectious Diseases and Immune System
  • Immune Tolerance
  • Immunopathology
  • Immunoinformatics and Systems Immunology
  • Immunodeficiencies
  • Immunologic Techniques
  • Immuno Cytochemistry
  • Innate Immunity
  • Immunogenicity and Immunotoxicology
  • Autoimmunity and Therapeutics
  • Inflammatory Diseases
  • Immunotherapy
  • Allergy and Therapies
  • Antibiotics and Current Research
  • Vaccines and Therapeutics
  • Antibodies: Engineering and Therapeutics
  • Apitherapy and Immune System
  • Haematopoiesis and Immune System Development
  • Cytokines and Current Research
  • T-Cells and B-Cells
  • Antigen Processing
  • Technological Innovations in Immunology
  • Regulation of Immune Response

The 4th International Conference on Microbiology and Immunology will be held in London, United Kingdom as well as online on 11-12 Nov 2024.


  • London, United Kingdom

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399-599 US Dollar (Estimated)
Coalesce Research Group

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