16th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI 2024)

  • Nov 2024


The 16th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI 2024) covers topics such as:

  • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Human-Centric Interfaces for AmI environments
    • Natural User Interface
    • Context-dependent Systems
    • Multimodal Interface
    • Human-Ambient Interaction
    • Novel input devices
    • Ubiquitous and ambient displays
    • Mobile or Affective Interfaces
    • Interaction with smart objects
    • User experience in Ambient Computing
    • Human Factors in HCI
    • HCI and Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart Environmentss
    • Using Digital Twins for smarter environments
    • Design principles and guidelines
    • Generation of Synthetic data
    • Data capture and intelligent sensing at the edge
    • Application of machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Collection, cleansing, processing, distribution and storage of data
    • Activity recognition and behavioral analysis
    • Adaptive monitoring and alerting
    • Decision support for increasing quality of life
    • Interventions and applications for Connected Health
    • Cross-industry development towards Industry 5.0
    • Evaluation of Living Labs and Smart Homes
    • Sustainable Smart Environments
    • Robotic integration in Smart Environments
  • Internet of EveryThing (IoT + People + Processes) and Sensors
    • IoE application and services
    • IoE (IoT included) enabling technologies, techniques and methods
    • IoE societal impacts and Ethical implications of IoE
    • Current and future trends in IoE
    • IoE interoperability, integration and performance
    • Security, privacy and trust in IoE
    • Human factors in IoE
    • IoE experimental results and deployment scenarios
    • Sensor circuits and devices design, integration and combination
    • AI for the embedded IoT/IoE and Edge computing
    • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, resource allocation, quality of service (QoS) and fault tolerance in Sensor Networks
    • Scalable IoT architectures, protocols and algorithms of sensor networks
    • Innovative real-world sensor deployments and applications
    • Applications of hybrid sensor networks
    • Sensor and actuator technologies in ambient assisted living contexts
  • AmI for health & (A3L) (Ambient, Active & Assisted Living)
    • Wearable and portable devices for health monitoring and promoting wellbeing
    • The latest developments in ambient intelligence and applications in healthcare
    • Robotics and human-robot interacion for providing support in ambient assisted living environments
    • The role of AI and machine learning in promoting A3L
    • Smart homes and ambient intelligence for supporting independent living
    • Privacy, security, and ethical considerations in ambient active and assisted living
    • Data analytics and big data in ambient assisted living research and practice
    • User-centered design and user experience in health environments
    • Ambient assisted living and aging in place
    • Evaluation and validation of ambient assisted living systems and applications
    • Active aging and healthy living
    • Ambient assisted living and chronic disease management
    • Synthetic data in medical and health research
    • Business models and commercialization of ambient assisted living products and services
    • Responsible AI in Healthcare
    • Improving healthcare using medical digital twin technology
    • Empowerment and digitalization in healthcare
    • Digital interventions for depression, mental health issues and quality of life improvement
    • Knowledge management for health: context, cognition, behaviour, and user modelling
    • Sustainable smart healthcare and co-creation processes
    • Education, training, and e-Learning systems in Health domains
  • Data Science
    • Mining and/or integration from multi-sourced or multi-modal data, including text, semi-structured, spatio-temporal, streaming, graph, web, and multimedia data
    • Modeling, visualization, personalization, and recommendation in Data Science
    • Data science for specific AmI and Ubiquitous computing application domains, such as scientific, healthcare, business, entertainment, government, and agriculture
    • Knowledge discovery and pattern recognition through machine learning, statistical learning methods, deep analytics, and deep learning
    • Efficiency, scalability, security, and privacy issues in data science
    • Using massive data to support decision-making in AmI environments
    • Lessons learned in data science and analytics of AmI and Ubiquitous Computing
    • Envisioning a field of data science and analytics in AmI and Ubiquitous Computing

The 16th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI 2024) might be held in Nov 2024.

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