10th International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks (icWCSN 2023)

  • 06-08 Jan 2023
  • Chengdu, China


The 10th International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks (icWCSN 2023) covers topics such as:

    • Cognitive and cooperative MAC
    • Wireless MAC protocols for 5G: design, analysis, and optimization
    • Scheduling and radio resource management
    • MAC for mesh, ad hoc, relay and sensor networks
    • Software defined radio, RFID MAC
    • Cross-layer MAC design
    • MAC protocol for energy harvesting wireless networks
    • QoS support and energy efficient MAC
    • Multiple access in machine-to-machine communication
    • MAC design for multitier cellular/small cell networks
    • MAC protocols for molecular and nano networks
    • MAC for cloud-RAN
    • Full-duplex MAC design
    • MAC protocols for mmWave networks
    • AI, machine learning and data analytics for MAC and cross-layer design
    • Cross-layer design for massive MIMO and multiuser MIMO networks
    • Modulation, coding, diversity, equalization, synchronization
    • Channel modeling, characterization and estimation
    • Interference modeling, management, cancellation and alignment
    • Multi-carrier modulation, waveform design
    • MIMO, massive MIMO and cloud-RAN
    • PHY strategies for low-rate, sporadic and asynchronous communications
    • Cognitive radio, spectrum sensing
    • Cooperative, device-to-device and multi-hop communication
    • PHY layer design for cellular, wireless LAN, ad hoc and sensor networks
    • Content caching and storage in wireless networks
    • Joint information and energy transmission
    • Energy efficient and energy harvesting PHY layer design
    • Ultra-wideband, mmWave and sub-THz communication
    • PHY layer security and privacy
    • Signal processing for wireless communications
    • Information-theoretic aspects of wireless communications
    • AI, machine learning and data analytics for wireless communications
    • Molecular and nano communications
    • Full duplexing
    • Beyond 5G and 6G
    • Adaptive content distribution in on-demand services
    • Mobile / Wireless network support for vertical industries
    • User-centric networks and adaptive services
    • Context and location-aware wireless services and applications
    • Intelligent transportation systems
    • Wireless body area networks and e-health services
    • Wireless emergency and security systems
    • Dynamic sensor networks for urban applications
    • Enabling regulations, standards, spectrum management
    • Ultra-reliable communication
    • Technologies, architectures and enabling business models for rural communications
    • Hybrid licensed/unlicensed spectrum access schemes
    • Hybrid satellite-terrestrial networks
    • Satellite-based mobile access and backhaul
    • Testbed and prototype implementation of wireless services
    • Wireless Network Functions Virtualization
    • Software-defined mobile / wireless networks
    • Mobile cloud
    • Virtual network management and orchestration
    • Mobile Edge Computing
    • Fog computing and networking
    • Routing and congestion in wireless networks
    • Mesh, relay, sensor and ad hoc networks
    • Resource management and optimization
    • Cognitive radio and networking
    • Wireless network security and privacy
    • Mobile big data and network data analytics
    • Wireless network measurements and characterization
    • Mobile social networks
    • Wireless networking for autonomous vehicles
    • AI, machine learning and data analytics for wireless networks
    • IoT wireless networking
    • Wireless networking for smart X (energy, factory, city, etc.)

The 10th International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks (icWCSN 2023) will be held in Chengdu on 06-08 January 2023.

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250-550 US Dollar (Estimated)
No exhibition
International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks (icWCSN)
Abstract submission deadline: 20 Aug 2022

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