Resolution of Inflammation

  • 12-16 Jun 2022
  • Keystone Resort, CO, United States


Resolution of Inflammation is a conference that addresses interactions between immune and stromal cells, and neuroimmune interactions to better understand the resolution of inflammation, and subsequent repair and regeneration.

Resolution of Inflammation covers topics such as:

  • Contrasting roles of neuroimmune interactions in resolution of inflammation and pathological inflammation
  • Function of myeloid cells and fibroblasts
  • Current understanding of diseases that impact the resolution of inflammation, with the goal of conceptualizing and developing pro-resolution therapies

Resolution of Inflammation brings together scientists interested in the fundamental mechanisms of resolution of inflammation and their translation into pharmacological approaches for the treatment of diseases driven by either lack of or aberrant resolution and repair responses.


Please, check the official event website for possible changes, before making any traveling arrangements

Event Categories

Health & Medicine: Immunology, Pharma
Science: Life Sciences & Biology

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