The Global Plastics Industry Seminar USA

  • Nov 2024


The Global Plastics Industry Seminar USA is dedicated to the plastics industry statistics, graphs and analysis as well as future.

The Global Plastics Industry Seminar USA covers topics such as:

  • Polyethylene
    • Demand by type and future changes
    • How will supply restructure in coming years
    • End use application prospects
    • Regional supply demand balances
  • Overview of the Global Industry
    • What happened in 2021
    • Macro trends shaping demand and structure
    • Regional market developments
    • The impact of Covid-19 and what it means
    • A western manufacturing renaissance?
    • Economic outlook by region
    • What will grow and what will decline?
    • Virgin and recycled resin demand
  • PVC
    • PVC the unexpected revival?
    • End use applications trends
    • Construction trends
  • Polypropylene
    • Regional supply demand balances
    • Application demand in a period of feedstock change
    • The impact of polymer competition
    • Changing regional pattern of demand
  • PET
    • How will recycling trends change PET fortunes
    • Will the market keep growing in the face of the circular economy
    • End use application by region
  • Polystyrene and ABS
    • Which end use applications have potential
    • How do declining supply options impact the market
    • Is there a future for styrene resins
  • Biopolymers
    • Future development and growth
    • Demand for biopolymers by world region
    • Future demand accelerating?
  • Engineering Polymers
    • How customer relations are changing
    • Application development and growth
    • Competition between polymers -what is changing
  • Evolution of the compounding industry
    • Size of the industry
    • Strategies for success
    • Future growth by region
  • Additives for Plastics
    • Supply impacts on business strategies
    • Demand by region by additive type
    • Value of the industry
  • Customers and value chain evolution
    • What drives innovation
    • How sustainability will reshape the industry
    • Brand and retail development
    • What does the consumer really want
  • Downstream plastics processing
    • Is private equity changing the industry?
    • Industry structure and global size by process
    • New business models and challenges
    • Dynamics within each region
  • Concluding discussion
    • The balance of recycling and virgin demand
    • Strategies for success in a new world
    • What changes will force an industry rethink

The Global Plastics Industry Seminar USA brings together professionals in the plastics industry.

The Global Plastics Industry Seminar USA might be held in Nov 2024.

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1500 US Dollar (Estimated)
AMI - Applied Market Information

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