The 4th International Conference on Knowledge and Information Management (ICKIM 2022)

  • 28-30 Sep 2022
  • Xiamen, China


The 4th International Conference on Knowledge and Information Management (ICKIM 2022) covers topics such as:

  • Dynamic Knowledge Integration and Visualization
  • Knowledge Management in General
  • Knowledge resource - intellectual capital
  • Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Management Development
  • Knowledge creation and sharing mechanismsKnowledge management strategies, resources and competencies
  • Knowledge Management Paradigm
  • Semantic Integration
  • Security and privacy issues
  • Data Mining (store/discover/propagate)
  • Knowledge Management Processes
  • Tools and Technology for Knowledge Management
  • Technologies for Knowledge Sharing
  • Knowledge management strategy
  • Cognitive knowledge
  • KM and AI/Intelligent systems
  • KM and data analytics
  • KM and learning technologies
  • KM and machine learning
  • KM and project management
  • KM and risk management
  • KM and quantum computing
  • KM and cognitive computing
  • Ethics and privacy issues of KM, big data and AI
  • Pushing the KM frontier
  • KM and related case studies
  • Cultural and organisational issues of KM
  • KM for Healthcare
  • Knowledge visualization for knowledge management and business modelling
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • KM for Smart cities
  • Knowledge engineering and management
  • Knowledge discovery in databases
  • Ontology and knowledge representation
  • Security and intrusion detection in KM
  • Methodology and best practices to implement big data driven KM
  • Tacit knowledge capture and dissemination
  • Measurement and evaluation of KM effectiveness
  • Application of knowledge representation techniques to semantic modelling
  • Change management, KM in business transformation
  • Knowledge Management in Practice
  • KM in SME’s
  • Case studies and best practices
  • Innovative business models
  • Innovation, Evaluation and Services
  • Innovation Management in the Public Sector Through KM
  • Innovation and Knowledge
  • Innovative Processes and Models
  • Re-thinking Knowledge Management
  • Practical examples of services innovation
  • Innovation in Education and Training
  • KM Implementation Challenges and Opportunities
  • Mobile Data Cmmunications
  • Knowledge Measurement and Evaluation
  • Knowledge Assets
  • Dynamic Knowledge Integration and Visualization
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Social computing and knowledge management
  • Knowledge Creation through Crowdsourcing
  • Management and Business Intelligence
  • Service Science
  • Web Services, Grid Services and Service-Oriented Computing
  • Information security and knowledge protection
  • Knowledge Evaluation
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Knowledge Quality Estimation and Uncertainty Handling
  • KM Tools and Techniques
  • Intelligent information systems
  • The Role of Semantic Web in Software and Service Development
  • Predictive analytics
  • Modelling of service, industrial, and environmental processes
  • Machine Learning for IR
  • Semantic and Entity-Based Information Retrieval
  • Big Data Computing for Knowledge Management
  • Big Data and Cloud Computing
  • Business models on Big Data applications
  • Mobile Data Communications
  • Web 2.0 and Data Mining
  • Supply chain of big data and data productsReal-time data mining in mobile internet
  • Semantic web data managementLarge-scale network data analysis
  • Data and Knowledge Interoperability and Exchange
  • Large incremental datasets on cloud
  • Large data stream processing on cloud
  • Security and privacy in Big Data
  • Open source real-time computing system for data mining
  • Web Mining
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Discovery (AI, Data Mining, Text and
  • Volume, velocity and variety of Big Data on cloud
  • Theoretical development of Big Data
  • Big data and innovation
  • Cloud computing, peer-to-peer, parallel and distributed databases
  • Use Cases and Applications in Knowledge and Big Data analytics
  • Data and Knowledge Modelling
  • Data warehousing and business intelligence
  • Data mining theory, methods, and applications
  • Big data analytics
  • Big Data theory
  • Big Data processing tools
  • Big Data applications
  • Big Data management
  • Big Data visualization
  • KM and Data Security
  • Big data and smart city
  • Big data for knowledge management
  • Case studies of big data mining applications for providing online customer support
  • Big data and knowledge extraction
  • Capture of big data for knowledge management
  • Big data and knowledge sharing
  • New algorithmic approaches to Big Data
  • Big data on cloud
  • Privacy Preserving Big Data Collection / Analytics
  • KM in the Cloud
  • Big Data Computing for Knowledge Management
  • Internet of Things
  • Privacy preserving on cloud
  • Knowledge representation models in the Internet of Things
  • Formal verification and model-checking for Internet of Things applications
  • Management information systems of the Internet of Things
  • Business information processing and business models in the Internet of Things
  • Integration of heterogeneous information for the Internet of Things
  • Knowledge retrieving and sharing mechanisms in the Internet of Things
  • Service oriented computing in the Internet of Things
  • Reasoning algorithms for the knowledge systems in the Internet of Things
  • Enterprise knowledge management in the Internet of Things
  • Mobile tacking services in the Internet of Things
  • Privacy protection and security issues of the Internet of Things
  • Service oriented computing in the Internet of Things
  • Knowledge representation models in the Internet of Things
  • Intelligent applications of the Internet of Things
  • Software engineering in the Internet of Things
  • Governance, Ethics and Trust in IoT and Big Data in KM
  • Data Mining in the Internet of Things
  • Technologies of data management and integration in the Internet of Things
  • Internet of Things
  • Interoperability including Semantic interoperability in the
  • Development methodologies for IoT-based applications
  • Business models for the Internet of Things
  • Testing, debugging, validation, and QoS modelling of Internet of Things applications
  • IoT for healthOrganisational semiotics
  • Blockchain Technology and Applications
  • Context Awareness in the Internet of Things
  • Social networks analysis
  • Social and Organisational Aspects
  • Knowledge Management and supply chains
  • Algorithms for developing user profiles
  • KM in Education
  • Benefits and Challenges in Adopting KM in the Public Sector
  • KM and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • The role of KM in Tourism
  • KM, HR and Organisational Culture
  • Social Networks Analysis
  • KM and Organisational Structures
  • Social Networks Extraction and Construction
  • Transferring Critical Knowledge to Maintain Competitiveness
  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Networks
  • Competitive and Business Intelligence
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Social media analytics
  • Social Media and Social Network Technologies
  • Knowledge management in innovative applications, such as healthcare information and network
  • Business forecasting
  • Organisational Memory
  • Knowledge Creation
  • Customer Knowledge in Innovation
  • Big Data sharing Knowledge Analytics Framework and Architecture
  • Managing Knowledge for Global and Collaborative Innovations
  • Customer Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management for Social Change and Innovation
  • Co-production of Knowledge
  • Business Process Management
  • Intellectual capital
  • E-government
  • The Impacts of Knowledge Management in the Organisation
  • Innovation Management
  • Intelligent and Multi-agent Control Systems
  • Future centres
  • Design of innovation spaces
  • Challenges in knowledge and creative economics
  • Smart cities
  • Future universities
  • Open innovation
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Societal innovation
  • Taxonomies and Ontologies
  • Knowledge innovation systems
  • Best practices and communities of practice
  • Legal and social aspects of knowledge and idea protection and diffusion

The 4th International Conference on Knowledge and Information Management (ICKIM 2022) will be held in Xiamen on 28-30 September 2022.

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170-500 US Dollar (Estimated)
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The International Conference on Knowledge and Information Management (ICKIM), SCIence and Engineering Institute (SCIEI)
Abstract submission deadline: 10 Aug 2022

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