The 2nd Workshop on Internet of Things Technologies (WIOTT 2022)

  • 14-16 Oct 2022
  • Tokyo, Japan


The 2nd Workshop on Internet of Things Technologies (WIOTT 2022) covers topics such as:

  • IoT Applications and Services
    • Smart homes, cities and grids fundamentals and issues
    • Architectures of IoT services
    • Smart supply chain and framing
    • Smart Health
    • Smart Transportation
    • Smart Manufacturing
    • Business models for IoT applications
    • Tools and technologies for IoT services
  • IoT Experimental and Deployment
    • IoT Deployment on Agriculture, Retails, Smart Sustainable Cities, etc
    • IoT and Future Internet Architectures
    • Real case deployment scenarios and results
    • IoT System Modeling and Analysis-Performance
    • Testbeds and experiments for Internet of Things smart sustainable cities
  • Electronics and Signal processing for IoT
    • IoT sensors and actuators
    • IoT low power devices
    • Optimization of data traffic and latencies
    • Energy optimization in IoT
    • Machine-to-Machine Communications for Smart Environments
    • Smart devices and tools signal processing
  • Connectivity, Security, and Privacy for IoT
    • Multiple access IoT access networks and network backhaul with 5G and beyond
    • IoT architecture with 5G and beyond networks
    • Software defined networking solutions for IoT
    • Cooperative communication techniques for IoT
    • Energy efficiency and wirelessly powered IoT
    • Efficient resource allocation schemes, QoS, and QoE in IoT
    • Critical and URLLC IoT
    • Massive connectivity in IoT
    • Blockchain solutions for IoT
    • IoT short range communications
    • IoT privacy and security concerns tests, certification, and labelling
    • Cryptography, key management, authentication and authorization for IoT
    • 6G-enabled IoT
    • IoT security of smart sustainable cities
    • Contact tracing to fight COVID-19

The 2nd Workshop on Internet of Things Technologies (WIOTT 2022) will be held in Tokyo on 14-16 October 2022.

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200-400 US Dollar (Estimated)
No exhibition
The Workshop on Internet of Things Technologies (WIOTT)
Abstract submission deadline: 15 Aug 2022

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