VLPNPV 2022 - Virus-Like Particle & Nano-Particle Vaccines

  • 20-22 Jun 2022
  • University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia


VLPNPV 2022 - Virus-Like Particle & Nano-Particle Vaccines covers topics such as:

  • VLP Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Virus-Like Particle Vaccines
  • VLP Platforms as Delivery Systems for Therapeutics, Imaging and Antigen Presentation
  • Nano-Particles and Nano-Particulate Vaccines
  • Formulation and Stability of VLP and Nano-Particulate Vaccines and Adjuvants
  • Structure (non-enveloped, enveloped and synthetic)
  • VLP Expression Systems (Baculovirus, Cell Culture, Yeast, Plants)
  • Delivery Systems (including Microneedles)
  • HepB
  • Safety and Regulatory Issues (regulation of expression systems)
  • Influenza
  • HPV
  • Clinical Trials Updates
  • Developing VLP Candidates
  • Chitosan Particles
  • VLPs as Protein Delivery Systems
  • Liposomes
  • Novel Applications (eg Cell-Free Synthesis)
  • VLPs for Drug Delivery
  • Particulate-Based Vaccines
  • Nanotechnology Approaches (Non-Conventional VLPs)

VLPNPV 2022 - Virus-Like Particle & Nano-Particle Vaccines brings together researchers/contributors from academic programmes, industrial, governmental and regulatory groups.


Please, check the official event website for possible changes, before making any traveling arrangements

Event Categories

Health & Medicine: Immunology, Pharma
Technology: Biotechnology

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