13th World Gene Convention (WGC 2024)

  • 22-24 Apr 2024
  • Nagoya Tokyu Hotel, Japan


The 13th World Gene Convention (WGC 2024) is dedicated to advances genomics & genetics, gene, research of life sciences, research of DNA and RNA, medicine applications, biotherapy discovery and Biotechnology.

The 13th World Gene Convention (WGC 2024) covers topics such as:

  • Frontiers in Genetics & Genomics
    • Spotlights on Gene and Genomics
    • Genetics and Epigenetics
    • Non-Human Genetics and Genomics Models Research
    • Next Generation Sequencing
  • New Breakthroughs in Nucleic Acid Research
    • Today and Tomorrow of Nucleic Acids Industry
    • Latest Research of DNA and RNA
  • New Biotherapy Discovery
    • Gene & Cell Therapy
    • Precision Medicine
    • Antibodies, Infectious Diseases and Vaccines
    • Emerging Novel Immunology and Immunotherapy
  • Advances in Life Science Research
    • Protein & Proteomic, Peptide
    • Advances in Molecular & Cell Biology
    • Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biomechanics
    • Microbiology, Viruses and Antimicrobial Resistance
    • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
    • Structural Biology&Synthetic Biology
  • Biotechnologies and Bio Industry
    • Environmental Biotechnology
    • Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
    • Biomaterials&Nanobiotechnology
    • Agricultural Biotechnology
    • Biofuels and Bioenergy
    • Biosafety and Biomanufacturing
    • Bioanalysis, Biotransformation and Bioprocesses
    • Biological Products
    • Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering
  • Application in Medicine
    • Brain Science and Neuroscience
    • Novel Biodrugs, Bio-pharmacy and Drug Science
    • Pathology and Physiology
    • Inflammation, Infection, Autoimmune Diseases Research
    • Research and Clinical Application of Biomarkers
    • Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering and Regeneration
    • Emerging Novel Cancer/Tumor Pathways and Target
    • Molecular Medicine
    • Clinical Diagnosis and Research

The 13th World Gene Convention (WGC 2024) brings together professors, experts, project leaders and laboratory principals of well-known enterprises.


  • Nagoya Tokyu Hotel , 4 Chome-6-8 Sakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Japan

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379-1449 US Dollar (Estimated)
BIT Congress Inc., World Gene Convention (WGC)

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Health & Medicine: Genetics, Medical technology, Pharma, Regenerative Medicine
Science: Biochemistry, Health sciences, Life Sciences & Biology
Technology: Biotechnology

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