3rd Advanced Materials Grand Meeting (MRM 2023/IUMRS-ICA 2023)

  • 11-16 Dec 2023
  • Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC), Japan


The 3rd Advanced Materials Grand Meeting (MRM 2023/IUMRS-ICA 2023) is a conference dedicated to the latest advances in materials research at an international level on interdisciplinary research for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The 3rd Advanced Materials Grand Meeting (MRM 2023/IUMRS-ICA 2023) covers topics such as:

  • Energy and Carbon Neutrality & Zero Emission Technology - Batteries, Lithium Alloys, Organic Light Emitting Diodes, Photocatalysts, Fuel Cells, Solar Cells and Perovskite Materials
  • Novel Methodology in Materials Research - Big Data, Materials Informatics, Inverse Materials Design and Mathematical Approach
  • Materials for IoT & AI and Smart Systems - Organic Semiconductor, Flexible Electronics, Flexible Materials, Smart Sensors, Haptic Devices and Stretchable Electronics
  • Electronics and Quantum Materials - Photonic Crystals, Electronic Devices, Sensing Devices, Semiconductor, 2D Materials, Plasmonics, MEMS and Optoelectronic Materials
  • Materials for Health Care and Regenerative Medicine - Scaffolds, Tissue Engineering, Bio-Interface, Bone Tissue, DDS, Cell Chip Devices and Biologically Active Molecules
  • Soft Materials and Bioinspired Materials - Gels, Smart Polymers, Smart Textile, Supramolecules, Soft Actuators, Self-healing Materials, Biomechanical Systems and Robotics
  • Materials Research for Process and Product Innovation
  • Novel Functional or Structural Materials Based on New Principles - Simulations, Multiscale Experiments, Function of Metal, Materials Structure, Polymer, Ceramics, Preparations, Composites and Characterizations

The 3rd Advanced Materials Grand Meeting (MRM 2023/IUMRS-ICA 2023) will be held in Kyoto on 11-16 December 2023.


  • Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC) , Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

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