9th International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts (ICLLA 2022)

  • 29-31 Jan 2022
  • Nishinippon Institute of Technology - Kokura Campus, Kitakyushu, Japan


The 9th International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts (ICLLA 2022) covers topics such as:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Linguistics
  • Language for Specific Purposes
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Language, Literature and Ideology
  • Language Education
  • Teaching language skills and elements
  • Autonomy in language learning
  • Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts of Language Teacher Education
  • The Knowledge Base of Language Teacher Education
  • Practices of Language Teacher Education
  • Collaborations in Language Teacher Education
  • The analysis of language and language use as providing a window into non-linguistic cognitive
  • The transformative nature of the role of language and communication in human cognition
  • The relationship between linguistic structure and cognitive processes
  • Processes and structures
  • Text entailment and paraphrasing
  • Summarization and retrieval
  • Machine translation and multilingual processing
  • Text Sentiment analysis, opinion mining and question answering
  • Computational linguistics and mathematical linguistics
  • Linguistic, psychological and mathematical models of language, computational psycholinguistics
  • Spoken language processing, understanding, generation and translation
  • Language modeling, statistical methods in natural language processing and speech processing
  • Speech recognition and synthesis
  • Rich transcription and spoken information retrieval
  • Asian language learning, teaching and computer-aided language learning
  • Natural language applications, tools and resources, system evaluation
  • NLP on noisy unstructured text, such as email, blogs, and SMS
  • NLP in vertical domains, such as biomedical, chemical and legal text
  • Role of English and Asian languages in globalised contexts
  • Language Change and Variation
  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
  • New Varieties of English
  • Special hardware and software for Asian language computing
  • Construction of corpus for forensic purposes
  • Input and output of large character sets of Asian languages
  • Research on legal language teaching
  • Asian character encoding and compression
  • Typesetting and font designs of Asian languages
  • Voice input and output
  • Multimodal representations and processing
  • Lexical semantics and word sense
  • Phonology and morphology
  • Word segmentation, chunking, tagging and syntactic parsing
  • Grammars, syntax, semantics and discourse
  • Discourse analysis
  • Word sense disambiguation, semantic role labeling and semantic parsing
  • Evaluation methods and user studies
  • Language, linguistic and speech resource development
  • Text analysis, understanding, summarization and generation
  • Machine learning for natural language
  • Language, Identity and Culture
  • Text mining and information extraction
  • Language and Popular Culture
  • Language and Literature
  • Language and Power
  • Literature and Film
  • Language and the New Media
  • Language and Gender
  • New Writings in English
  • Language, Culture and Translation
  • Teaching of Language and Literature
  • Women’s Writings
  • Effective Teaching Methodologies in Language and Literature Classrooms
  • Teaching and Learning of English as a Foreign/ Second Language
  • Assessment Practices to Language and Literature Teaching
  • Interdisciplinarity in Language Teaching and Learning
  • Language and ICT
  • Teaching Translation
  • Legal discourse analysis
  • Theoretical research on forensic linguistics
  • The application of forensic linguistics
  • Legal translation and courtroom interpreting

The 9th International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts (ICLLA 2022) will be held in Kitakyushu, Japan on 29-31 Jan 2022.


  • Nishinippon Institute of Technology - Kokura Campus, 1 Chome-2-11 Muromachi, Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu, Japan

More Details

250-580 US Dollar (Estimated)
No exhibition
International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC)
Abstract submission deadline: 30 Oct 2021

Future Events

  • 9th International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts (ICLLA 2022) - 29-31 Jan 2022, Nishinippon Institute of Technology - Kokura Campus, Kitakyushu, Japan (68746)
  • 10th International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts (ICLLA 2023) - Jan 2023, (60660)

Past Events

  • 8th International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts (ICLLA 2021) - 29-31 Jan 2021, Nishinippon Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan (68745)


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Event Categories

Arts: Art materials, Arts Training, Literature
Science: Linguistics, Literature Studies

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