International Virtual Conference for Research on Children and Youth (IVCRCY)


The International Virtual Conference for Research on Children and Youth (IVCRCY) covers topics such as:

  • Special Needs and Emergency Situations
    • Special Needs Populations, Conditions, and Intervention strategies including
    • Children with Special Needs and Inclusive Education
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Physical and Sensory Difficulties
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Availability, accessibility and affordability of quality pre-school education
    • Emotional/ Behavioral Difficulties in the Classroom, and State policies on early childhood education and implications
    • Parental academic involvement
    • Students` achievement motivation
    • Classroom practices and their impact on learning and intellectual development
  • Children and Social Inequality
    • Child rights and child labor
    • Child Protection
    • Children and homelessness
    • Children and criminal justice
    • Children, poverty, and deprivation
    • Children and refugee status
    • Children in violent societies
    • Educational Disparities, with reference to early childhood education
    • Parenting in a rapidly changing world
    • Children in societies divided on the basis of ethnicity, religion and language
    • Risk and resilience
    • Psychopathology
    • Statelessness and development
  • Empowering Youth
    • School to work transition
    • Youth and general education
    • Career Development
    • Skill formation and youth employment
    • Activist Media Practice
    • Leadership
    • Youth and gender roles
    • Youth, religion and culture
    • Foundations of Education Policy, Planning and Development
    • Curriculum, learning and society
    • Practice Experience with Children and Youth
    • Identities: education, citizenship and youth
    • Teachers: policy and practice in international contexts
    • Refugees, Education and Development
    • Youth and violent extremism
    • The Global Governance of Education and Conflict
    • Youth and political activism
    • Youth criminal Justice
    • State policies on youth
    • Youth and Social Media
    • E- Learning
    • Technology acceptance and adoption
    • Digital, environmental and scientific literacy among youth
    • Youth services in national and international perspective
    • Language skills and life chances
    • ICT, culture and identity formation
    • Migration, employment and youth

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