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Conferences in Verona, Italy as well as summits, seminars or exhibitions are being held in various venues in Verona, including conference centers and hotels....
Conferences in Verona, Italy brings together attendees from Verona, from other cities in Italy and from other countries.
Conferences in Verona, Italy are dedicated to various topics, including science, business, technology, or health.

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08-12 September 2022
(Conference in Verona, Italy)

ISoP 2022 - International Society of Pharmacovigilance Annual Meeting

20-23 September 2022
(Conference in Verona, Italy)

Oil & Non Oil - S&TC

16-18 November 2022
(Conference in Verona, Italy)

135th Veronafil

18-20 November 2022
(Conference in Verona, Italy)

Prescare Show 2022

18-20 November 2022

Verona Mineral Show

25-27 November 2022


20-24 January 2023

Verona Sposi

28-29 January 2023


Sep 2023

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